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  • To fix things, the DM can have the monsters flee in inexplicable panic; secretly lower their hit points; allow the player characters to hit or inflict more damage than they really should; have the monsters miss on attacks when they actually hit; have the creatures make grievous mistakes in strategy (like ignoring the thief moving in to strike from behind). The brass nail-heads are in the purest style of the early Renaissance.
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    PITAPatients.org is dedicated to empowering patients to find their own healing paths




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    He had never been at the side of someone dying before, but he knew it was the human way of ceasing to function. That I could not bear, and so I broke my devotion, and returned to Mithil Stonedown to use the little that I knew for my people.
  • But he'd torn his best cloak into crosses the day he vowed to go on what his-holy-lordship Raymond, who'd never had to worry where his gold would come from, called a pilgrimage and he knew, perfectly well, it would be the struggle that would win him land and lordship or lose him his renown and his life. That ship is our first contact with a new culture.
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