I seen him spading up some ground along about an hour ago, just before sundown -- him and the parson. He was streaming sweat and dust-covered and his mount was flecked with foam and shuddering with effort.

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    After the luncheon it was back to the Hill, where Buchanan waited with a handful of Rolaids on a series of floor votes. Oh, Lord, I've read that brief ten times and each time I cried;,; saidthe lady justice.

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    Father Tim smiled philosophically at him, and then decided to admit something to him. They'd confessed to their exorcists that while helpless in the state of possession, they had regularly attended Satanic orgies; had regularly varied their erotic fare: Mondays and Tuesdays, heterosexual copulation; Thursdays, sodomy, fellatio and cunnilingus, with homosexual partners; Saturday, bestiality with domestic animals and dragons.

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